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About Jane

I wanted to see what it would be like to be folded up into a tiny container that could be sent off to other places, so I made myself into a “Portable Jane” and sent myself out to friends and colleagues where I sit on table tops and computer monitors around the globe keeping a close eye on things.

I’ve been making art and designing cool stuff all my life. Really, I’m unstoppable, which is why one of my friends refers to me

as a beehive.

Ideas, composition, color, detail, story… it oozes out of these hands in one art form and another, but I keep returning to paper and metal: two media that are a perfect match for me and clearly hold more potential for creative expression than I’ll ever exhaust.

In between teaching gigs, long walks on the beach, kayaking down rivers, and exploring the forest, I can be found hard at work in my ocean-side studio on Martha’s Vineyard from which I collaborate

with creative types worldwide on design projects

that matter.

I’m pretty lucky that way.

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